April Showers

Monday Night at The Comet enjoys it’s 16th month of consecutive live shows with performances from quality local musicians and folks gathering on a relatively merry basis. Join us in April for free live music at 10 pm, every Monday night at The Comet.

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Molly Sullivan holds the residency at The Comet on Tuesdays in April, featuring performances by Appaloosa, ADM and Black Planet, anticipating appearances and collaborative audio releases between Molly and Cedar Skies and from her galvanizing ensemble Prim.

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Eddy Kwon just capped his residency at The Comet in March with another successful edition of Chuimsae! – the participatory improvisation game show. For this event, Cincinnati Recording Service writes … “On this occasion, CHOW records [a CDR label run by artist Paul Coors] is releasing the full audio recordings of Eddy Kwon’s intimate live performance at the Ice Cream Factory that we shot back in October, remastered for CD. An extremely limited edition will be pressed and copies will be given away for free at tonight’s performance.”  If you missed the show, and you’re seeking a copy of this recording, holler at MC, CRS or CHOW.

Peek in the meantime for this video production of Eddy’s work by the Recording Service.

CRS is currently responsible also for the production of the music of Aaron Collins [of Comprador, and the late SHADOWRAPTR]. His full-length debut record is slated to release at Rock Paper Scissors on April 26. This video is evidence of the effort.

Additionally, our friends of the esteemed rock band Comprador are approaching their record release at MOTR Pub on April 10 with support from pretty shoegazers Little Lights.


Finally, The Happy Maladies are promoting a striving Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign! A successful campaign will enable them to worrilessly produce two new records within the year. See what you can do!

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March Events

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March Events

3 [MNC] – Harpooner / The Never Bird

4 [EKR] - Eddy Kwon / Music of Mulan

6 – Dynamic Duos Jazz @ The Listing Loon with Matthew Meldon / Ben Sloan – 9 pm / no cover

10 [MNC] – Hell at the Union Hall / The Sweep

11 [EKR] - Música de Cámara / The Happy Maladies

14 - Whitfield Crocker / Sharp Math / firefighterfighter @ Dewey’s Annex fb event

17 [MNC] – Blue Rock Boys

18 [EKR]Music of Deerhoof / Landlady (Brooklyn)

23 – The Happy Maladies / Dan Dorff @ MOTR Pub 9 pm / no cover / 21+

24 [MNC] – Panoply Performance Lab / Healing Trapeze / Charles D’Ardenne

25 [EKR]Chuimsae! (Interactive Improvisation Game Show)


[MNC] = Monday Night at The Comet
4579 Hamilton / music at 10 / no cover

[EKR] = Eddy Kwon Residency
4579 Hamilton / music at 10 / no cover

February Events

MNC February
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3 [MNC] – Greg Zoller / Elia Goat & the Natural Horns

4 [IJR] - ADM / Isaac Joel @ The Comet. 10 pm / no cover / 21+

5 – Aaron Collins / Wilder Maker @ MOTR Pub. [FB event] 10 pm / no cover / 21+

10 [MNC] – Joe Duran Nonet / Dave McDonnell Group 

11 - “Single Sheet Book Structures” Workshop with Louis Kroner @ Rock Paper Scissors. 5 – 7 pm / $25 / All Ages

11 [IJR] - with Joey Cook [full ensemble]

14 – Cincinnati Waldorf School Class of 2014 presents The Sound of Music @ Mariemont Elementary School. 7 pm / $2 / All Ages

15 – Pete Fosco / Matt McDowell [Sagas] / Umin @ Rock Paper Scissors. [FB event] 8 pm / $3-5 donation / All Ages

17 [MNC] – The Ranglineers / Baoku & The Image Afro-beat Band

18 [IJR]with Caleb Groh, Samuel Lockridge, Ben Rush, Mia Carruthers, Ben Lapps &Joseph Mitchell

21 – Whitfield Crocker / Speaking Suns / Young Colt @ Mayday. 9 pm / no cover / 21+

24 – “The Magic of Collaging and Assemblage with Matte Medium and Tank” Workshop @ Rock Paper Scissors. 5 – 7 pm / $20 / All Ages

24 [MNC] – Jason Ajemian / The Holidays

25 [IJR]Guitar Orchestra performance of Raymond Briggs’ “The Snowman”


[MNC] = Monday Night at The Comet
4579 Hamilton / music at 10 / no cover

[IJR] = Isaac Joel Residency
4579 Hamilton / music at 10 / no cover


get it.

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